Frequently Asked Questions on Motor Treatments

I have added 10 gallons of gas over a bottle of injector cleaner that treats 20 gallons? Is it safe?

Yes, your car is absolutely safe. The only negative is that you have wasted half bottle of cleaner.

When to add the cleaner- before or after tank fill up?

The standard practice is to add cleaner first. But it does not matter as it will mix up in both the case.

Can i change the brand of fuel cleaner?


Can i mix two fuel cleaners for extra cleaning power?

Technically yes but there is no need.  If one brand is not working for you, two will not do. It is time to go to service station.

I want to know the difference between fuel injector cleaner and fuel system cleaner?

Both are different names of same product.

I have put cleaner in my engine instead of tank. Help me.

Do not worry. Drain the cleaner and replace the oil in engine.

Is it only for car?

You can safely use it on your bike or lawn mowers also. Just remember to mix it up as per directions. If you are in habit of storing gas in home, mix it with cleaner before storing.

Do i need injector cleaner?

In an ideal world where you are buying premium gas with built in detergents and taking regular care of your car – you will not need it. Unfortunately we all make mistakes. For example, it is not possible to buy premium gas all the time as it is costly and sometimes all of us are guilty of ignoring our cars. Keep in mind that the even premium gas stored for long time becomes contaminated.

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