6 signs of bad injectors

Injector is one of the most crucial components of your car. A malfunctioning injector will cost you gas and performance. Below are the signs to look in your car for faulty injectors:

A drop in the mileage of the car is one of the chief indicators. The drop happens because of the irregular spray pattern caused due to bad injectors .The flow rate of fuel entering the engine suffers because of it.

Another thing to notice is the smoke coming out of the exhaust at the time of starting the car. The color of the smoke can be both- black or white.

The most of the starting problems in the car happens due to faulty injectors

– If it takes two-three attempts to start the car

-If you have regular problems in starting your car in the morning or during the cold winter

– If the car shakes at the time of starting it.

Loss of power when you press the foot on pedal is another thing to notice .If your car suffers from power loss at the time of acceleration or it stalls for no reason or sometimes vibrates badly while driving.

If gas light goes to ON mode even when the tank is full than its time to change or clean the injectors. It happens because the injectors are not spraying the optimum amount of fuel inside the engine.

If you notice a strong smell coming from your car, it is time to open the hood and check the spray pattern. If you don’t notice the regular or conical shaped pattern, than one of your injectors are gone bad.

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